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Suma Supermarkets

Suma Supermarkets

About Us

Suma super market born in the month of May 2000 implemented its first centre in the provinces of Barcelona, Girona and Castellon - Spain.

Suma was born with this idea. A supermarket nearby in location and in the treatment of its customers. An establishment designed to make shopping easy, which fuses the best of today's supermarkets with the proximity and specialization of traditional stores.

The experience of one year was enough to extend the brand through franchising. Today, supermarkets SUMA reaches a figure of more than 400 establishments distributed over 13 autonomous regions of Spain.

No two Suma equals. Each one has one or two specialized sections depending on the needs of the area and its customers. Suma is suitable for those who prefer to make their daily or weekly purchases in stores near their home or workplace.

In Suma you will find an assortment of proximity adapted to the environment and with which you can cover your daily shopping needs at very competitive prices. First brands, regional and local products, fresh products and a wide assortment of own brands (Gourmet, Sabor EspaƱol, Mical, Micaderm, , Mic & Friends). Everything you need, at your service.

Oro Group is opening Suma Supermarkets in Pakistan, in near future. You will not only find products, but also advice on the products you can buy. In each SUMA store you will find 1 or 2 specialized sections depending on the area to give you a better service.