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Oro Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Oro Builders Pvt. Ltd. is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and providing quality construction and excellent engineering services. ORO Builders Pvt. Ltd. specializes in high rise building construction, commercial centers and other large scale construction projects that are trusted by professionals and homeowners. In addition to our general construction and renovations projects in high-end buildings, we provide light commercial work including office, warehouse and other one to three-story commercial structures.

Our mission is to build with quality, design, style and great value while providing our clients with exceptional service. We are committed to a tradition of excellence. This mission of our company is completed with the help of our very professional and hard-working team which includes Engineers, Sub-Divisional Engineers, co-workers etc.

At Oro Builders Pvt. Ltd. trust is an attribute that is deeply engrained in our company and is our highest priority. We have been satisfying our clients with exceptional design expertise, customer-friendly processes, consistent and timely communication, superior construction quality and dependable warranty service.


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